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In the private estate of Cusona, you will be fascinated by the architecture, the italian garden and the wonderful hills all around this noble property. Traditions and the exciting local flora and fauna will capture you during this fabulous visit.
The Cusona estate spreads over 530 hectares and is situated amongst the green Tuscan hills, close to the medieval town of San Gimignano and it’s
open only to few people.
Thank to its partnership with us, it’s now possible to enjoy some special experience, exclusively available for customers of Fly To Wine.

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Private natural reserve

Cusona Castle welcomes you in its private property where you can spend a private hunting tour of 3 hours and visit the historical wine cellars. You will be guided through the hills to join this fantastic adventure with locals: the princes of Cusona.


Private natural reserve, historical cellars & garden

Castle of Cusona doesn’t offer only a huge private property in which you can explore flora and fauna, but also unique wine tasting and rich history. With this tour you will be allowed in the Italian Garden too so you will have the chance to admire the Walk of Love and a stunning view of Tuscany.

The package consists of three pheasant hunting rounds, with the company of the princes of Cusona and the help of beautiful dogs. The guests are accompanied to the hunting lodge and, waiting for the preparation of the final tableau, they can have a fantastic Tuscan lunch with wine tasting. The day ends with a photo of the tableau and a visit to the historic cellars of the Cusona Castle.

The package includes a day of hunting with the Princes followed by a visit to the noble Cusona Castle and the historic cellars of the VIII century, with a delicious lunch with wine tasting. After that, you will rest in a hotel where you can also book a Spa service.
On day two you can visit one of the most beautiful Winery of San Gimignano, where the experience will be Wine and Truffle hunting as well. It’s possible to book an helicopter tour to end up the day in the best way possible.

This is the best experience for hunting lovers and their families to alternate moments of recreation and relax to the practice of hunting. In addition to all the options of the previous packages, you can enjoy a full day dedicated to golf. We care about our customers so much that we do anything to give you the most complete and amazing experience here in Tuscany.

History, culture & nature

The Tuscan way of life has given rise to centuries-old hunting traditions.
All our hunting events will end with a visit to the historic cellars of the VIII century followed by a delicious lunch with wine tasting.

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