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In the beautiful setting of the classic and evocative Tuscan landscape, Fly To Wine organizes exclusive visits
in one of the most beautiful noble estates of the territory, a hidden Castle.

The Castle is a private, normally closed for public, estate and winery.
This is your chance to discover the hidden gems.

History & Wine

The castle boasts over a thousand years of history: the oldest document that testifies to the existence of it dates back to the year 994. The estate spreads over 530 hectares and is situated amongst the green Tuscan hills, close to the medieval town of San Gimignano and it’s open only to few people.

The castle has preserved a part of the Italian heritage that you can appreciate during your travel through Tuscany.
Explore a real aristocratic estate, taste genuine wine and enjoy the landscape in a private experience.

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Get the chance to visit and taste one of the most important reality in Tuscany. You will get to explore the noble Castle and the historic cellars of the VIII century. There you will learn the history of this aristocratic family and their wine production.

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Visit the Castle, guided by the aristocratic family which takes care since centuries of this wonderful location. You will taste their wines, discover the romantic Italian Garden with a stunning view of the Tuscan landscape in a unique tour that will excite you. Walk across the historical lands and relax during the walk.

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Chigi Castle

The Chigi Tower is one of the fourteen historic towers of San Gimignano and is located in Piazza del Duomo.
The tower, although not very high, is one of the most beautiful city. It was built in 1280 and belonged to both the Useppi and Chigi family.

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The garden of the estate is provided with an evocative labyrinth made with hedges.
The wooded portion of the estate is particularly excellent for the natural production of the White Truffle.


Here in ancient times there was the traditional game that featured a lady and a knight.

The lady waited, with the face covered, the arrival of the rider at the center of the path.

The Knight came to it through the labyrinth, to receive a kiss as a reward.


2 Wine Cellars and Castle

In the amazing and evocative tuscan frame, you have the chance to join an exclusive visit, open only to few people, in the Castle; usually closed to public. In the beauty and silence of the place, the incredible taste of the wines, you have the opportunity to have a wine tasting in an incredible environment.

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The Castle dates back to 994. Explore this ancient amazing venue and its cellars, descending the stairway to reach a secret underground cellar,  which has been maintaining its original look throughout the years,  the crepuscular light and its natural temperature to age wines in hundreds of oak barrels. Visit the italian garden, a real masterpiece that hides a labyrinth in which you can experience silence, peace and all the beauty that Tuscan can offer.

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Thanks to their partnership with us, it’s now possible to enjoy some special experience, exclusively available for customers of Fly To Wine. In order to have the best experience possible, our team will always be at your service.

Cusona Castle: Location for weddings and great events


Visit the agricultural museum in the Castle and study the vintage equipment used to
make wines and manage the vineyards.
Vintage is not enough to express the collection of items you can discover in the Castle. An entire artisan iron serie of object originally used in the grape growth and wine production.


Wineries Chateau

The Castle and Tenuta Torciano open their beautiful and renovated wine cellars for a visit. The two families have had a big passion for wine ever since. Explore also the Italian UNESCO Heritage in San Gimignano, an historical tower from 1200.

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Explore the Italian UNESCO Heritage in San Gimignano, the old aged Chigi Tower, and Castle. All with on board of an amazing helicopter, with which you will have a privileged point of view.

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