Expedition by the Sea

San Lorenzo Cruise Expedition is a eight-or-ten-hours adventure through one of the Italian’s most exceptional marine areas. Renowed for its biodiversity, Tuscan Arcipelago encompasses over 61,000km^2 of sea and it is the most big European sea park.

Like the pearls of a necklace, each island is different from the other. Each island preserves the traces of its history, each island is unique, original, with only one feature in common: the beauty of its nature. And the chain that unites these jewels is the sea, a warm and welcoming sea with its flat calm, but also unpredictable with its storms as only the Mediterranean can be.


HOUR FIRST: relax and enjoy a spectacular view

Watch the Etruscan Castle of Populonia covered by a hill forest. The trip on San Lorenzo begins from San Vincenzo cruising toward Elba Island. With their peerless style, elegance and grace, SanLorenzo ships bring you beyond the bounds of the imagination.


Second Hour: spiaggia di barbarossa in Porto Azzurro

Dive into the blue at noon. We will have a break to let you enjoy the deep and crystal clear water of this wonderful spot.
Cruise to the exclusive Barbarossa beach along the Porto Azzurro coastline for lunch, followed by an afternoon of snorkelling, diving in the Barbarossa paradise, famous Ottoman pirate Khayr-al Din Barbarossa who, in 1500, arrived with his boats and his pirates in this venue.


Third hour: lunch with Wine Tasting

Eating and drinking fine wines plays a central role on Sanlorenzo, with an open kitchen, a large mahogany table and the dining area located on the central deck, where guests can observe the panorama and our instructor sommelier at work and eat in total privacy even when the yacht is in port. The Wine experience consists of a vertical Wine Tasting of 15 Tuscan products.


Hour fourth, fifth and sixth: discover a pearl city

Picturesque Porto Azzurro is the destination for an evening spent stargazing the tuscan sky. It is easy to find yourself embraced to your lover after a beautiful day of fun, romance and breathtaking scenery. Walking through ancient and unique streets in the world, with panoramic views that will accompany your eyes and become an indelible memory.


Safe and Sound on SanLorenzo Yacht

Master is on board to tailor itineraries and offers instructions for experts and beginners. SanLorenzo Yacht is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment allowing for a variety of dives, as well as kayaking and snorkelling. Some of life’s most cherished moments occur during this events.


Emotional Sails

Step into a wonderful world, adorned with a sapphire jewel at its center. Sail along the beautiful Tuscan Arcipelago between small and bigger islands, threading and viewing enchanting cities and shorelines.


Mediterranean Inspiration

For those along its shores, the sea remains the heart of it all, an irresistible magnet drawing every gaze. Glimpse it shining from a sunlit Elba, or glittering through a filigree of pines along the Capraia Isle. Reflections of mother of pearl, seashells, sea stones can be seen in the through the strong colours of the Mediterranean sea.


Time for a Cruise

For many travelers, time is the most luxurious commodity. You can give yourself the gift of quality, discretionary time on an tuscan arcipelago crossing aboard a SanLorenzo Yacht.

Private tour in the Mediterranean Sea

On a fabulous Yacht, you can live an unique experience: have a lunch with a private Wine Tasting.
In this magic atmosphere you can enjoy the sunset that would color the sea and drink the Tuscany best wines and live a fantastic wine school experience.
It will be a journey about italian food and good wine. The dishes, prepared by famous chef Roberto Rossi, Michelin star winner, would delight your palate in combination with this historical cellar wines. You will live a magic day discovering the sea, real tuscan food and high quality wines, tastes and parfumes.

Package Description

  • 9.30am – depart from: San Vincenzo
  • 11.00am – arrive at: Cavo for a swim
  • 12.30pm – leave for: Porto Azzurro
  • 1.30pm – lunch and winetasting
  • until 4.00pm – time for relax
  • 5.30pm – arrive at: Baratti
  • until 7.00pm – relax and swim
  • 8.00pm – back to: San Vincenzo

The package includes

  • Qualified Staff (Captain, Chef and Hostess)
  • Towels and Bathrobes (For Guests)
  • Drink, Sweets and Snacks will be served during the voyage
  • Wine School Experience: taste 10 Luxury
  • Wines paired with a delicious lunch, all prepared on board for you


Availability: from march 31st to october 31st, booking is necessary
Duration: around 10 hours
Schedule: from 9:30 am

For allergies and intolerances please, contact our staff. Vegetarian and vegan options are available on request.
All packages are subject to availability. Cancellation 15 days before the event. Each booking is subject to availability and requires as collateral the credit card. Payment is due at the time of the event. The rules concerning guarantees and deposit vary according to season and the package or offer, please call for details.

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